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The street…, This creepy abandoned house has fantastic natural decay. Prison 15H was closed as it got outdated and decayed, +- 1000 prisoners where transmitted to a new prison. In a small village in France we visited an abandoned repair / car trade shop. He had a serious health problems seen the number of medicines and x-ray pictures. What once was a tragic accident, is now a beauty of a location. We found them in state of hibernation, mother nature took care of them. The livingroom has a wall full of animal skulls & skins. It’s really a shame this place is in such a bad state, you can sense how amazing the interiors must have been when it was all intact 20 years ago when it was first abandoned. We could have spent a whole afternoon here, but we had other locations on our planning. Seeing the pictures gives you the impression hospital Exodus is still active, but it’s completely abandoned. Imagine yourself being in court here with the judge & lawyers, this must have been very impressive back in the days! In past it was well guarded and locked down even better than a prison. The Belgian-Dutch expedition team consisted of 18 men, 8 of them where military support personnel. After more than 100 years the racing track remains very popular. In 1950 the plaster of the main building was removed, Since 2002 it got classified as protected heritage together with the chapel on the domain. The post-apocalyptic scene had a cinematic feel. The former owner, Mr. It was striking that we saw so many religious statues, in contrast with the many erotic magazines, even under the bible! Operating lights, test tube centrifuges, catheters and jars with human kidneys and other organs preserved in formaldehyde. As the name of the house predicted : inside it was a total mess. The Skeleton Factory was a Belgian printing office owned by a pressman/photographer who also created postcards. This site will be demolished in order to start a housing project in 2019, but the company opened a new slaughterhouse somewhere else, with a double capacity to slaughter 2 million pigs a year… When entering the building, you start to imagine what horror must have happened here for more than half a century, seeing the thousands of hooks and slaughter machines. We saw his footprints and traces of dogpaws in the snow, apparently he just patrolled. The party is over… 3 years ago a disaster happened to this former blooming disco. There was nobody in the streets, all neighbours were probably chilling in their gardens with the sunny weather. It’s situated on a busy road in the middle of a village, so we had to pop in quickly, unseen and silently. I didn’t take pics of the livingroom as a squater made a mess there…, This textile factory used to produce dolls next to the jute and hemp textiles. Pigs were gasified as first anesthesia, next electrocuted (you can still see the pincer on one of my pictures), their throats were cut over and their hair was burnt off. In a dark place we found racks full of jars containing animalparts preserved in formaldehyde. The veranda is open and we immediately see pots full of dead plants. His elder sister Katharina, born in 1897, still continued the work on the farm.. Following the closure of the hospital the property was sold to a businessman, the hospital would be stripped and converted into high end loft apartments. This small farm got it’s name from the authentic historical picture of the farmer at the time he was a soldier in 1914-1915. The man had a very important function locally, he deceased in 1988. Métallurgique d’Espérance-Longdoz Chertal. lapse de les estructures constructives, animals salvatges, la contaminació química, etc. There were many initiatives which appeared in the press, but they were withheld, as the renovation was needed first. Incredible how he can sleep in this state of decay, due to his age he didn’t care much about anything. Suddenly 5 minutes later we heard a car driving around. The fun for thousands of ski-lovers was over. L'exploració urbana és també coneguda comunament com a infiltració, encara que alguns consideren que la infiltració està més estretament associada amb l'exploració de zones amb activitat o llocs habitats. The skulls are real, some are dated on the date that the hunter shot them. This abandoned weaving mill was founded in the 1920’s, it produced high quality carpets for the national & international market. Mother nature is taking care over them now as no one cares anymore…. Step into the time machine and flashback! There were some small grafitti tags (fixed in Lightroom) but the most important thing : the castle was no ruin but decay at it’s best ! His work got censored, only pro German cards could leave his printing office. The winking Renault is real, no photoshop , On a windy day we made a 20min walk deep in the woods, suddenly we spotted Chateau Nottebohm, a spooky castle in Belgium that can come right out of a fairytale. The house was full of religious symbols. Take a last glimp after 43 years of selling jeans and other clothing, Decay Boutique will be demolished soon…. There was a special automatic chair at the staircase so that the old man could get to get to his bedroom on the first floor. Instead of getting repaired all vehicles are rusting in nature…. Unexpectedly we could simply walk on the terrain through the snow and saw nobody. They don’t make trains like these anymore, big sofa’s inside and a lot of space, made to travel the most convenient way. The farm at the back was used to make products of animalskins. In a small pitoresque village in France we visited this authentic château, built in 1750 by a rich merchant. The management thinks this is the cause of the productivity drop and the loss. Eglise du Solitaire (du Misanthrope) is a beautiful church located in a small village left abandoned because there were too few people getting to this church. They removed the yard, the cowshed and the brewery in order to build a nice courtyard with this castle. The calendar was stil on Juli 1995, the date when time stood still here… Meanwhile the villa has been demolished…. When you wander through the corridors of this building you can still feel the spirit of it’s use while the Third Reich was on the rise. The owner made the interior very cosy, wallpaper with colourful paterns, nice furniture,… this combination gives the interior an authentic retrofeel. Villa Woodstock closed down in 2012 and it was left abandoned since then. Chambre de Commerce is a breathtaking stock exchange building in Antwerp, a reconstruction built in 1872. Urbex rda - l'allemagne de l'est racontée par ses lieux abandonnés; REF : 9782226443571 ... « URBEX » - en pénétrant plus de 250 lieux fermés, interdits ou délaissés. We dropped ourselves in a timecapsule back to the 70’s. It was built in the end of the 19th century and around 2000 employees worked in the 20 buildings on the terrain. The fire expert didn’t find the cause and classified as unknown, the electricity and gas were closed down so a short circuit couldn’t be the reason. First I climbed into the marine plane, it had enormous space with benches on both sides and nice symmetrical shapes. For many of us getting in a restinghome is the end… This location is known for it’s numberous chairs and beautiful roof terrace. There are about 8 unused metrostations, also called ‘sleeping stations”. The wardrobes were full of stylish ladies and gents clothing. Today photographers visit the site fore for communion or modelshoots. Time stopped at this old abandoned Belgian farmhouse. After the revolution the farm was expanded to a gigantic house. This impressive abandoned monastery was built around 1914 in neo-gothic style. This is a recently abandoned castle, it has a great entrance hall with classic staircase, the furniture is a mix of retro/minimalistic design, the castle is full of pictures of African kids, toys, media… we found even a PS4 box and Far Cry II game which shows it’s really recent. The abandoned Aegidium Theatre has been on my to do list since many years. Clothes and hats still hung on the coat racks, a piece of soap on a washcloth, tooth brushes ready to use… But reality was different, this house dates from the beginning of the 20th century. Ecole de Natation Mangombroux. We couldn’t figure out if he passed away or went to a resting home, but apparantly they didn’t have any family to take further care of the villa. The couple that lived here was at least 60 years married, we saw a certificate of their diamond aniversary. A travers mes photos, j'aime redonner une beauté perdue en ces lieux et raconter une histoire imaginée, un sentiment perçu lors de la visite. Nice last visit of the day to end our urbextrip. We knew in advance there wasn’t much to see, but the nice vintage firebrigade truck was worth a short stop. We waited for a dental checkup but no one to see…. The site was sold in 2005 and is being developed into a large housing development of over 100 flats respecting the architectural heritage of the site. This abandoned dentist villa is empty, except for the two practice rooms which have been left intact. The most important part was the livingroom with 3 seats full of mold, the hallway and the bathroom, mother nature is doing it’s job here slowly. The site was built in the 17th century and is protected heritage, now it’s finally sold. Greenpeace had put pressure on the government to close down all coal plants to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas in Belgium and it closed down in 2006. In a corner we saw a huge amount of empty alcohol bottles. We didn’t go for the buildings itself but for the old vehicles in one hangar. Suddenly unknown people stood behind us, luckily it were other urbexers. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog … For the rest we don’t much about the history. The bedrooms were breathtaking like in a fairytale, there we found a newspaper dated 1992. Télécharger 10, rue Bleue : Histoire et reconversion d'une manufacture des tabacs Livre PDF Online. Manoir Des Peintures was formerly owned by a rich painter – it’s a real pearl that was left behind with all it’s memories. In 1990 the building became protected heritage. In total 8500 of these types were built, 1100 were delivered to Germany. Around 1850 his son added pavilions at both sides, changed the facade and built extra floors. No history is available, so simply enjoy the pics. During WWI, the Belgian army used this building as a medical centre for their soldiers to recover. Since then all new owners that died from self-combustion could smell as strong fire odor a few hours before the tragedy. After the war the school reopened and it was expanded many times, at it’s peak there where 600 students present. In 1910 the mayor expanded the manoir and it got a special “sgraffito” technique treatment to create fresco details on the tiles. They were real doglovers seen the statues around the house. Deep underground we found a gigantic contruction, a pre-metro is a tunnel created for metrotrains in future. The circuit became known to be the fastest of the era due to it’s 2 long straight roads of 2.2km in length each. Not much is known what actually happened here. We arrived at this exciting villa, a classic in urbexworld aka Manoir de la Chapelle and Villa Das. If you check the middle of the spiral stairs you see 2 small eyes watching you…. We went through a journey in time and saw many memories, old 60s b/w travelphotos and earlier,…. The building has been extensively extended over the years and was abandoned in 2009. In the 50’s, due to a lack of maintenance, the impressive metallic structure of the ceiling had to be demolished. The coalmine is composed of four mine shafts. This starred restaurant was built in the early 80s, it was combined with a hotel, wellness and vineyard. Not much to see here, but It was nice to see the famous Pinocchiohead in reality. One of the most beautiful parts is the long green Art Nouveau hall. The organ is an ancient piece built in 1785, almost 100 years older than the church itself. Dr. Anna L was the home and practice of urology specialist Dr. K and his wife. All furniture, clothes, pictures… are still present. Possibly they had to leave the castle due to a expropriation. We were lucky we found an entrance and could visit this place. The owners left the original furniture unchanged so that photographers & moviemakers could hire the location, a few years ago a B-movie was made here. He was a big fan of retro Mayfair magazines. In 1839 the Golden Chapel was initiated, but later it was expanded and decorated and in 1846 re-initiated. In 2002 the parc was closed for renovation but it never reopened and it got abandoned for 10 years. Between 1990 and 1997 this locomotive was used for museum rides. L'exploration urbaine n'a pas de frontières. This old monastery will be demolished in near future as all Holy Sisters left. In 2002 parts of the track were demolished, today a few old buildings, grandstands and structures are still visible around the pit lane. The neverending stairs and the impressive hall with rocks and plants and stained glass is really unique. Lucie got trapped inside and almost burnt alive crying. Almost all entrances were blocked except one, we took pics for 3 hours in the old labs and the impressive auditoriums. It was a humid place due to the many leaks in the ceiling after all the rainfalls. Your soul has just withdrawn from your body… Time to wander around the morgue…. Suddenly we saw an old car wreck in front of us with some unexpected things behind… This place made me think of a mixture of the 70’s cultmovies the Hills Have Eyes & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Cemetery of the insane is situated somewhere in the middle of the woods in Belgium. This small house was owned by an old man who repaired vintage radios. Early in the morning we entered the abandoned Maison Anaconda, full of terrariums from a passionate hobbyist and/or a reptile dealer. This brought structural and financial problems. This mansion was once inhabited by a well settled couple, it has majestic ceilings, stairs, chandeliers and furniture. In the end a lost white cat watched me at the bridge, this was maybe a good sign for it’s future…. After the closure of the base in 1967 three further summer expeditions were sent in cooperation with South Africa. Remediation of the site and the demolition of several buildings are planned between 2014 and 2015. One tricky thing is that we had to walk through the parking of the local police office, situated 50 meters from Gravestone Church. This was the hotspot of Brussels nightlife and got property of VZW “Parochiale Werken” that had put the building available for social life. Less people visit churches, this results in a big loss of revenus for the church community in general and no funds for restoration when needed.…. This looks like an abandoned battlefield, but it’s a military practice domain. Abandoned and lost urbex locations from Kingdom of Belgium, Königreich Belgien or Royaume de Belgique. The Nato invested more than 37 million Euros for new technology, the site will be renewed in 2014. At first sight it seemed a spooky villa painted in ughly green, but inside it gave a warm feeling due to the wood and rich colours. This gorgeous castle is an incredible journey into time, the former artistic owner was passionate (or better obsessed) with music! In 1990, this old church has acquired a protected status. The practice and implementation of the theories analyzed in any developmental process is the most significant evidence of the learning outcomes and the competencies developed at the end of the development of a program. It was a nice warming up visit of the day, lots of details, when we left we bumped against some Dutch explorers. Mr. Danglard & Mr. Raymond Roche decided to organise a first “Grand Prix de la Marne” for racing cars and motorcycles. Later it was transformed into a sauna and Thai restaurant. The hospital function remained until 2010, then the facility closed down. Collection of industrial steam generators @ various abandoned factories. View the best urbex locations and read about its history. The new infrastructure had to be more sports orientated with a large open air swimming pool, it was the biggest in Europe for several years. Lines that intertwine, light that follows the curves of the building and mirrors that create a parallel world. After almost a century of production it suddenly suffered from the worldwide economic crisis. This former country residence was built in the 1920’s by a noble Belgian family… All ancestors live in France now, except the old baroness who lives next to it. One of the most beautiful views a dentist practice can have, ideal for those who don’t like dentists and want to oppose ideas while he’s at work. We expected more of this location, we didn’t take many shots but it was a nice short adventure. Others, like the first one with the tree that grew through the bumper probably not , During an early morning walk we found a junkyard full of wrecked cars dumped in the woods. Who would leave a beautiful place like this behind…, A classic in urbexworld. The most impressive was a steam locomotive from 1846, the Henschell was active at a German steel plant and later in a mine and cokes factory. Nature was claiming back it’s place and it was slowly taking over again…, This impressive mansion is located in an idyllic area in Germany, it’s surrounded by rivers and ponds, an old farm with water mill (built in 1370 and restored in the 80s) was next to it. We found about 50 oldtimers from the 50’s somewhere in the woods of Germany and brought new life to them… that were real cars back in the days, they don’t make them like this anymore…. Still some details were present like a jar of Jenever, on the wall we saw old newspapers with publicity about the first soft erotic movies of the 70’s. This 15th century farm is situated in Belgium, it has been preserved well since WW I. The magnificent Château de l’étoile is located in the center of a small French village. Also the floor was painted in the past, but it got replaced afterwards. We felt like we were TV reporters performing an interview, anyway, this place left us a unique impression . We found some open hearted letters of the widow stating she always lead an honest life but lived in fear that she could get killed anyday and that this was possibly her last letter. It was a palistered and mirrored auditorium, flanked by Moorish style arches along the walls. The garden park was gigantic with nice trees. His father had a Transatlantic transportcompany that imported petroleum and wood by ship. The door was gone, but the tricky part was to get in without getting spotted. Although it was difficult to find qualified personnel for this demanding activity, the average age of the staff was more then 50 years old. Between 1843-1845 the Silver chapel was built. With a chain they lifted up their basket, meters high up till the roof. A big dieselmachine behind the steering weel and long pipes through the room filled with hot fumes or liquids when it was operational. Once there has been an offer for an amount that was way higher than the real value but it was refused. Boon, his personal clothes, belongings and furniture where still in it’s place. In 1841 a redemptorist brother from Vienna built this first neo-Gothic church. The main attraction was the big dining room full of stuffed animals. End of 2012 the restoration started slowly…. In 1971 all governmental support for Antarctic research was halted. Luckily they survived WWII and they returned to Belgium. Some years later new owners made a recreation domain of it. Inhabitants of the village tried to convince the government that this church needed to have an important role in their community. Villa Klodderkes was build in 1830 and was used as a police office, the villa is now abandoned for more than 10 years. Since many years the local residents and authorities wanted it to get closed after complaints of smell and noise. The garden is full of wrecked trucks, cars, buldozers, tractors,.. . This castle was built in 1928 by a noble family that had a company next door and it was close to a park. Nonprofit Organization. I was surprised about the amount of details still present as for many years this is a well known location. At that time women were only allowed to swim limited due to Catholic restrictions. He lived in a manor in the woods which is totally taken over by nature now as you can see further in the picture in the woods. This abandoned house belonged to an elderly couple, it’s named after the comic collection on the closet in the living room. This abandoned hangar was part of an old company built around 1910. This French hospital got it’s name from the old alarm in past which sounded like a crying baby. Urbex-it, Tours. More and more people went there in the hot summers to search for cool water and recreation. The Count of Liedekerke-Beaufort was the first owner between 1816-1890. This small hotel has been abandoned since 2010, the former owner possibly had a connection with the Vatican according to some paperwork…. Forest View aka ‘Home Sweet Home’ was a big old hospital/restinghome combination, it got abandoned in 2008. We were impressed of the size of the villa and the state of decay, although it was a bit messy with lots of vandalism, still a lot of details were present to make a decent shoot. Today it’s state is extremely in decay, pity enough only half the hotel was accessible, the wooden stairs were completely rotten. This maffioso villa is situated in a fancy neighbourhood and seems to have been abandoned in a hurry, it was owned by a millionaire who was active in illegal weapon traffic. to a producer who will renovate the castle. A little nature taking over and even a part that hasn’t seen any fire at all. The doors are incredible and the hallway is lit by skylight in the ceiling. This ancient majestic castle is situated in the middle of nowhere, Kings & Queens could have lived in this luxurious castle. The private livingspace of the shopowner was also very nice, they were Catholic and very religious. The gravestone was opened by some amateur archeologists and left behind like this. What a creepy adventure this was! Télécharger 20 maisons d'aujourd'hui à 100 000 Euros Livre PDF Online. In 1910 on the Eastern facade an odd winter garden was built from bricks completely covered with grey cement and decorated with tree trunks and rocks. The chapel was abandoned for many years and in 2015 it was demolished. We saw lots of books about laws, duties, even a notebook from school dated 1969. Today it’s seriously trashed and it’s full of graffiti tags. Today the factory still exists, 60 people work in the new fabric, the brand is operational in more then 40 countries worldwide.. 7 days a week and 24h a day the production is still active as the ovens need to stay on constant temperature to deliver the best quality crystal. It was built in 1876 in neo-Gothic style and it got abandoned in 2012. A family of 5 lived here in the past. This fabulous staircase is part a 144 yo paper factory in Belgium where 1200 people worked in past, it closed down in 2004 and the rest of the company is almost completely demolished. The Wellnessfarm closed it doors in 2002 after 22 years being active, it was a hotel with restaurant, festivity room, fitness and wellness but eventually it turned into a failure. It’s abandoned since a long time, trees are growing inside and decay is everywhere. Territorio Cultural, formación, promoción y gestión de la cultura AC. A brave man defied the fire, people around her started to extinguish the flames on her body. In 1907 the construction finished after the clocktower was built. The backside of the church was totally in decay, inside it was dark and difficult to take pics, we were welcomed by hundreds of pigeons. Preventorium’s differed slightly from sanatoriums in that they catered more specifically to patients with an early state of infection. fr - Histoire(s) de phares - Marie …Translate this page fr › Livres › Art, Musique et Cinéma › ArchitectureRetrouvez Histoire(s) de phares et des millions de livres en stock sur fr. The neighbours must have thought that it spooked in that old abandoned house In one of the rooms there was a closet full of pigeon sports trophies. The owner still lives in a house behind the hotel, he’s very sad about it as this was his lifework. Since the 70’s many past owners died due to a deadly curse, they all died in their sleep and got to ashes by self-combustion. It’s a mystery why the inheritants didn’t do anything more with the farm. Pity enough the swimming pool itself will not be renovated again, this domain seems to be in a vicious circle. Fires in 1583 & 1858 destroyed the original building twice. Somewhere in Belgium, in the middle of the bushes, we visited Maison Limmi. Today mother nature is taking over, the grass is knee high, paint is peeling off and the dug-outs lay desolate on the grass.Vandals tried to smash in the amour-plated windows of the old vip business building and it has been set on fire several times, so police is patrolling often. Clothing design of T-shirts & hoodies is also a field of interest. In 1950 the castle of Miranda was named “Home de Noisy”, after the national railway company took this over as a boarding school and vacation centre for children who where ill. Subcategorias. Lost Vegas is a large collection of gambling machines of a failed casino, stored in a dark abandoned car dealer’s warehouse in Belgium. Nature is completely taking over this abandoned school. The future is uncertain as the neighbourhood wants the derelict stadium to be demolished as it’s only a memory of the failed ambitious plans of the club. This beautiful theatre is hidden in a ghetto style neighbourhood surrounded by industry. In it’s glory days the pool had about 5 times more visitors during summer season so a gigantic difference. It was built just before WWII for catholic girls with integrated chapel on the 3rd floor. Probably the owner passed away in December 2013. Nature is claiming back it’s place in this typical German 80s hospital, it’s a long time under the influence of mold. We had an appointment with a friendly bearded old man who looked like he was teleported from a fairytale. The nice facade of the entrance is protected heritage since the year 1738. Slowly it was getting dark but still we had some time left for a walk in the woods…. This nice manoir of a teach Pierre has been abandoned since 1984. The decay on the attic is really sweet. I took some pics of a photo album with French marriages to have an impression what kind of people lived here back in the good old days. The patients were exclusively men which came from over whole Belgium. The staircase is mindblowing and the villa is full of memories. In one of the big industrial cities we visited this former cooling tower with a small house in the middle. Today there are new plans for reconversion. And they are studying how to re-use the Golden and Silver chapel and propositions are welcome. In 2010 the works started but immediately had to stop. On an early saturdaymorning we arrived In a pittoresque village in France that was still asleep. The entrance hall was still in good condition, the rest of the disco was a post-apocalyptic scene. The baron, a man of noble rank, had a passion for classical music and hunting. A private chapel for priest Joseph de Pélichy. The luxury bedrooms had fairytale like four poster beds, every couple would feel king and queen here. About 35.000 people enjoyed the beach on a sunny day. The nuns had red clothing and were called the “red nuns” popularly. After the war the family visited it only very sporadic. Profitez de millions d'applications Android récentes, de jeux, de titres musicaux, de films, de séries, de livres, de magazines, et plus encore. We felt like wandering through a museum! Check out his work! Cette chaîne est conçue pour des vidéos d'Exploration Urbaine, le côté du monde qui a été oublié mérite aussi qu'on lui porte de l'attention.

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